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  • BestAzon Localize Amazon Links

    This plugin will localize all your Amazon links, and add your affiliate IDs to the links. All features are for free, and work out of the box, no signups needed!

    That means a better experience for your visitors, and more commission income for you.

    What makes BestAzon the ideal plugin for any site using Amazon Affiliate Links

    1. Free: The BestAzon plugin for Joomla is free to use, and will remain free – no feature will ever be locked.
    2. Automatic Amazon Link Localization: Automatically converts any Amazon link to a global link that will redirect the visitor to the Amazon Website in that country. Thus, you do not lose commission on such visitors. You'll see an immediate bump in your Amazon commissions upon installing BestAzon.
    3. No registration needed: No need to register on another website or API – the plugin does what it’s supposed to out of box without making you jump hoops and asking for your information.
    4. Fastest: Every milliseond matters while redirecting vistors to local stores. We serve from edge nodes across the world - meaning 100% uptime, and the redirect takes less than 0.4 seconds on average.
    5. Covers all Amazon Stores: Supports all Amazon stores worldwide
    6. Works for all Amazon Links: Works for product pages, search pages, category pages and homepages. Works for long url (Amazon....) as well as short URL ( Even works for Amazon links which are redirected through another link redirecting service (such as prettylinks, or bitly).
    7. Automatic Affiliate Linking: Automatically converts any Amazon link to an affiliate link with your affiliate ID for the country the visitor is from.
    8. Flexible: Tons of additional options for advanced users

    BestAzon is available for non Joomla sites too! Check out for details

  • Ultimate Instagram Widget

    Ultimate Instagram Display is Joomla Module. This module display instagram feed images on Joomla Website. Multiple Layouts available: Grid Display, Masorny Display, Popup Image Display with Slider, Carousel Slider Display.


    Configuring Ultimate Instagram display is very easy.

    Ultimate Instagram Display Features

    • Nice Design and Easy to use.
    • Setting up Ultimate Instagram Widget Display Module is very easy.
    • Fully Responsive Design.
    • Latest Instagram API used. Developed very nicely, clean code, error free.
    • Multiple Layouts available: Grid Display, Masorny Display, Carousel Slider Display and Popup - Image Display.
    • Advanced customization options available. We tried to make sure you can do every possible thing just from back end by changing options.
    • Full documentation with priority support.

    We have multiple built-in themes. Some features are written below.

    Default Grid Display

    • Can display the number of images you want.
    • Enable or display on hover zoom function.
    • Open Instagram image in new tab.

    Popup Slider Display

    • Can Enable or Disable Popup Image Slider. Can just display popup image only.
    • Can custom Animation Speed, Slideshow Speed from backend.
    • Popup themes options available.

    Carousel Slider Display

    • Can Display or Hide Navigation or Bullet.
    • Have option to unlimited loop slideshow.
    • Can enable or disable Autoplay, Hover on Stop and Thumbnail.

    Masorny Display

    • Responsive
    • It's simple. You just have to select an option to get Masorny View.

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  • Kessef Radio Footer

    2.0 version.

    Kessef Rádio Footer is a responsive FOOTER BAR ( Htlm5 player ). For Joomla Rádios..

    Beautiful and Incredible ! The best for Your WebRadio.

    • Works in Firefox, google Chrome, Opera, Explorer, and Mobiles: ( Android and IOS Iphone ).
    • Footer, or top position
    • Responsive bar and bar closing animated.
    • Color bar or Backgrounds image
    • Equalizer colors and Scroll DJ Message ( with speed controll - joomla admin )
    • Transparent player bar
    • Autostart song, or Not
    • Song Title /auto update-ajax refresh
    • DJ Week Scheduler ( DJ image, DJ name, DJ time, DJ program, Scroll DJ messages )
    • Live DJ ( DJ image, DJ name, DJ time, DJ program, Live Skype, Scroll DJ messages )
    • Automatic Big Rounded DJ image ( Nice ! )


    NOTE: The Best Streaming Service, for your WebRádio ( Professional Radios ). Talk to the all World !
    Check NOW:

  • jBackend Community

    jBackend Community enhance Joomla CMS integration features, adding an extensible and pluggable set of REST API. With these API it is possible to access to all site's contents and features, and use Joomla as a backend system for smartphone and mobile apps, syndication networks, external websites, and provide web services for any external system.

    - Extensible through plugins to increase API and support any Joomla extension;
    - Support for publishing of multiple endpoints, each with its specific settings;
    - Tracing requests in the database for each endpoint;
    - Selection of jBackend plugins to enable for each endpoint;
    - Request log management interface;
    - Support for REST compliant requests;
    - JSON format for responses.

    The package includes the jBackend component, that provides the general infrastructure for endpoints and plugins support system, and the following plugins:
    - User Module: provides support for Joomla users (e.g. login, logout, registration);
    - Content Module: provides support for standard Joomla content (e.g. categories and articles).

  • PushAlert - Web Push Notifications

    PushAlert is a marketing tool to increase reach and sales, which allows you to push real-time notifications to your website users on both mobile and desktop. With the Joomla plugin, you can be up and running with push notifications to your visitors on chrome and firefox web browsers in a matter of minutes. You can get better engagement by targeting current users and also get repeat traffic.

    Register for a free account on and enter your website ID which is available in your PushAlert Dashboard.

    PushAlert Joomla Plugin Features
    - No need for any coding
    - Shows the subscriber opt-in box automatically

    If you have any issues with the plugin, please reach out to us at

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