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  • Weblink

    Insert weblinks URLs into any article text - surrounds given text with href tags.
    The source of the URL comes from the weblinks component.
    The advantage is: You can add an Add or Affiliate URL and reuse them, without having to replace the URL in articles.
    If the URL needs replacement, just adjust the URL line in the weblinks item (e.g. when the affiliate alters an Affiliate link)
    This plugin uses the weblinks component to store URL's.

    It works simple: Just add weblinks items in the component weblinks. Then insert the curly bracket text into the article text. The plugin replaces the bracket text with the correct URL around the article text.

    When a new installation of joomla! was performed, (post v.3.4), the component weblinks is no longer installed in Joomla! Make sure to install the component weblinks first on newer Joomla! installations!

  • Odoo Connector For Virtuemart

    Virtuemart Odoo Connector- This magnificent add-on creates a bridge between Joomla Virtuemart and Odoo. The Connector allows a user to synchronize the categories, products, its related orders and customers to openERP. This benefits the users to manage their site details at ERP end.


    • Functionality to synchronise and map categories to openERP is available.
    • The option of synchronizing products of Virtuemart to openERP is provided.
    • Functionality to export order is available.
    • Option to synchronise and map taxes to openERP is possible.
    • Feature to synchronize payment, shipment and currency are available.

  • Send email on comment for K2

    Plugin that sends an email to the administrator when someone leaves a comment on a K2 item.

  • Webemus Autologin

    This plugins allow users login automatically to the site after register, without having to re-enter their login data access.


    • After registered immediately login. Without enter username and password.

    • Enter return url for registered users redirect in backend configuration.

    • Compatiility: Joomla! 3.0

    • Free download

    Installation Steps:

    • Download the plugin and install it using Joomla Extension Manager.
    • Go to Plugin manager and enable it.
    • For the plugin to work it is necessary to set "New User Account Activation" to none in User Manager Options

  • NS Members Only

    NS Members Only is an easy way to limit access to your site by only displaying a login box without the default template or any other modules.

    Just using the Joomla core to limit complete access is to adjust permissions on menus, article and modules and in some cases use a second template or figure out a way to re-purpose the offline mode function which isn't optimal in most cases. Either way it's a hassle when all you want to do is hide everything, including the template to your site.

    With this plugin, you can hide everything except a login block to force your registered users to login to gain access and spend less than 10 minutes setting it up.

    Perfect for an intranet site or website that you don't want visible to the world.

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