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  • Fancy Price Table

    Create nice responsive price tables. Various themes are included. You can create your own CSS stylesheet themes adding these to the module themes folder. If you start from an existing theme, we suggest you duplicate the file and keep the original file name in the new file name. For instance if you start your theme from pema theme, duplicate pema.css and rename it: pema_new.css, so the module knows what additional font to load (n case you wish to keep these fonts loaded). Module is limited to 5 price items, but this is not a limitation as you can load multiple instances of the module on the same page if you need more than 5. Also the module has 2 anchors you can link to : fpt and so you can link directly to prices even if module is down the page

  • Better Facebook Page Message

    Better Facebook Page Message is a live messaging widget. Though this widget you can chat with your website visitor directly via Facebook Messenger. All they will need to be log in at Facebook.

  • MEPRO Human Resource

    MEPRO Human Resource is a Joomla! package, that runs on your site to help you manage your company staff.

    Our goal was to create a package that would be a tool in the hands of company managers and administrators to manage their staff on-line and easily. Our Experienced staff in the area of Human Resource and Information Technology have developed a system that hits the target. Accruals, Absence, Rosters, Attendance are the starting basic modules of the system.

  • AdminTrans

    Google Translation for Administrator

    This very simple module is for translating the administrative backend of Joomla.
    It merely requires to be enabled. A dropdown list of languages is enabled on the Joomla admin top menu.

  • HASTWARE Gallery

    Simple photo gallery for your website.Add/remove images right from your frontend, organize them in albums, add captions. You don't need to scale/rotate images from your camera - just upload them, and the component will scale them down to proper resolution and rotate according to EXIF.

    - Publish photos in frontend
    - Automatic scaling - if your photos are too large, they will be scaled down to proper resolution, images are saved in 3 sizes: thumbnail, normal for page view and large for fullscreen;
    - EXIF rotation - if your image contains EXIF information, it will be automatically rotated to show properly;
    - Fullscreen view - clicking on the slideshow will open it fullscreen showing high-resolution images.
    - Organize photos in ablums - each album with caption and description
    - Add image captions

    - php 5.4+
    - Joomla 3.4+
    - php-exif library for automatic rotation. The extension will work without the library, but images will not be rotated.

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