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  • jTriad contact form

    jTriad contact form allows you to create a triads: first value + second value + email (eg: City + Vacancy + email). Two variables are displayed as the two dropdown list, that allows you to create any number of addresses to send messages from the site, depending on the selected values.

    The module checks the correspondence between the first and second value, showing a warning; also implemented validation of filling out forms. You can edit text alerts in the files in /assets/formValidator/jquery.validationEngine.js and helper.php, an administrative panel of the module currently does not offer this possibility.

    Attention, this module requires the inclusion Recaptcha-plugin!

  • JwPreloader

    JwPreloader allow you to easy add animated preloader to your Joomla based website. It can be integrate easily and compatible with all major browsers.

    This Plugin it more for Design Reasons! because a few websites are slow to load and they don't look nice. JwPreloader Hides your Website and shows something such as an image and when your website it's ready JwPreloader Goes Off

    The Features
    Fully Responsive.
    Retina Ready.
    Full Customize.
    Options to display different preloader image on your website.
    jQuery & CSS3.
    Compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11 and with mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
    Easy to use.

  • J51 - NavSlideshow

    Our J51 NavSlideshow allows you to create a simple image slideshow with underlying titled navigation. This fully responsive solution includes a collection of animate out and animate in styles allowing you to combine each to create your own unique image transitions.

    Responsive Design
    21 Animate Out Transitions
    21 Animate In Transitions
    Titled Image Navigation
    Easy to use

  • JOWeather

    Weather component Joomla Open Weather for Joomla 3. Display the data OpenWeatherMap site.

  • Pop-Art Tags for Joomla

    Do you run a blog site or a site with lots of articles? Would you like to attract your visitors to content that has been recently added/modified or the most "popular" content? With this simple plugin you can add additional tags to your Joomla articles: "new"/"updated", "hot" topics, "popular" topics, featured, archived, etc.

    Unlike similar plugins, this extension has accessibility in mind: the tags are contructed in plain text (and, yes, you can easily choose different captions if you prefer) displayed in Bootstrap-like button format. If you prefer, you can edit the CSS to style the output in any way you can imagine.


    • Tags are displayed as Bootstrap-like buttons
    • Display recently-added/"new" tag with articles (from n days ago)
    • Display recently-modified/"updated" tag with articles (from n days ago)
    • Display "popular" tag with articles (based on article hits above a certain percentage quantile)
    • Display most-hit/"hot" tag with articles (based on article hits above a certain percentage quantile)
    • Display "featured" tag with articles (with link to other featured articles)
    • Display category-name tag with articles (with link to other articles in the same category)
    • Display "archived" tag with articles
    • Define scope to include/exclude articles within a specified category or categories
    • Define scope to display on single-article, blog or category views
    • Define different selection criteria for popular and hot articles
    • CSS file is included to allow different styling to buttons depending on the user's own requirements

    Latest release notes

    • Problems with category scope restriction have been fixed with the release of v 1.0.1


    English (en-GB) but it is not difficult to translate the output into any other language


    This extension is a fork of .

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