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  • myjGallery

    myjGallery is a free and stand-alone Joomla! module. It creates responsive fullscreen galleries with touch gestures, adaptable to all resolutions and devices.


    • Responsive mosaic of thumbnails
    • Automatic fullscreen mode upon click on thumbnails
    • Captions in fullscreen mode
    • Fullscreen galleries with mouse controls and touch gestures: Flick to the next or previous image, Spread to zoom in, Drag to pan, Pinch to zoom out or close, Tap to toggle the controls, Double-tap to zoom.

    Libraries used:

    • jQuery 1.6.4
    • PhotoSwipe v3.0.5
    • Klass v1.4.1

    Minimum requirements:

    • Joomla! v3.x
    • PHP 5.2
    • Tested on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 8+, Android 2.3.7+, Dolphin, iOS 5+, Windows Phone 8+, BlackBerry OS 10, Devices with multiple input methods (Surface, Chromebook Pixel, etc.)

  • Breezing Commerce

    The commercial version of THE easy-to-use but yet powerful shopping cart and e-Commerce extension for Joomla!

    The easiest-to-use shopping cart for Joomla!

    We are proud to announce the release of Breezing Commerce, a professional eCommerce and shopping cart for Joomla! With Breezing Commerce, you are able to setup your shop very quickly, while your customers will be shopping within a straight-forward and streamlined order process.

    Click "Demo" on the right-hand button to see it in action.

    Breezing Commerce is aiming small to mid-size web shops and online stores. Made for people who actually don't want to setup countless of features to get started, but just start to sell online.

    It offers plenty of great features out-of-the-box and the ability to get extended, using a variety of plugin entry points to spice up your shop. The list of available plugins for our shopping cart is constantly growing and we are putting a lot of efforts to help 3rd party developers to create even more plugins.

    Important Features

    • Constantly growing list of payment and shipping plugins, if you need something, just let us know!
    • Product Configurator: use BreezingForms Full as product configurator and re-calculate prices based on your customer's configuration:
    • Fully Responsive
    • Multiple Product Categories
    • SEO Features (Canonicals, Google Rich Snippets, SEF Urls)
    • Multi-Language (translate your shop entirely)
    • Backend Shopping Cart (order product in behalf of customer)
    • Multiple Product Images
    • Product Weights & Dimensions
    • Product Options, Variations & Accessories
    • Full Joomla! Standard Bootstrap Support (using site template css)
    • Theming Engine
    • Customers & Customer Group Management (aka Shopper Groups)
    • Multiple Product Brands (aka vendors/manufacturers)
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Sales Tax Management (rates, classes and rules)
    • Backorder Management
    • PDF Invoices
    • Packing Slip Printing
    • Order Management
    • Custom Order Statuses
    • Dynamic Cart Updates, incl. price re-calculation (ajax/json)
    • Single-Page Checkout
    • Countries / Regions Management
    • Minicart Module
    • Categories Module
    • Currency Selection Module
    • Product Images Slider & Zoom Plugin
    • Product Characteristics Display Plugin
    • Including all current and future shop themes made by Crosstec

    Active Development

    Breezing Commerce is created by a committed team of developers. Nothing is hammered in stone. If you need features, themes or anything else for your shop, just ask or create your own plugins and themes if you are a developer. There are many plugin entry points and many great updates and features are scheduled for the near future.

    If you have any questions about Breezing Commerce and its features, please don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Ark Media Manager Pro

    The Ark Media Manager is a comprehensive file management system designed to allow users to easily manage their website's images, media and files. With:
    * Image editing,
    * Drag-n-drop uploading,
    * HTML5 audio & media playback,
    * Support for inline editing,
    * Support for the Ark Editor, TinyMCE and other 3rd party solutions using the Editor-XTD button.

    It’s the first in its class of all-encompassing media management solutions for Joomla! Featuring 3 beautiful views to increase productivity whilst being fully mobile responsive, you really can manage your website on the go!

    Ark Media can be accessed from 4 places:

    1.) Directly accessing the component through Joomla's administrator interface,

    2.) Opened by the content editor whilst editing an article, module or anywhere the editor is loaded,

    3.) From the select image button in all Joomla extensions like the Article’s ‘Image and links’ tab, plus your favourite compliant 3rd party extensions as well,

    4.) From the front-end of your site using the Ark Editor's inline editing functionality to directly manage articles & modules as they appear in the template.

  • Facebook Quotes

    The Facebook Quotes plugin lets people select text on your Joomla articles and add it to their share, so they can tell a more expressive story.

    Install the plugin in two steps and automatically allow your visitors to share portions of your articles on their Facebook walls.

  • Smart Banner

    The plugin is designed takes existing JavaScript and CSS that is available in GitHub and wraps it using Joomla CMS. Giving ability to automatically add apple-touch-icon links and meta tags for your mobile applications for all Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices. The JavaScript is using JQuery less solution so it should not have a conflict with any templates that are relying on jQuery. There is a built in functionally to display smart banner to the users on a frequency cap basis.

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